Still a crazy-good read about the very basics of computing:

"What is computation? What kinds of things can be computed, and what kinds of machines can make those computations?"@tomstuart's Understanding Computation

— Reginald Braithwaite (@raganwald) January 28, 2019

more book club fun with @tomstuart's Understanding Computation -Turing machines!

— Josh Susser (@joshsusser) March 13, 2015

@computationbook by @tomstuart - a -> p { -> x { p[p[p[p[p[x]]]]] } } star read

— Beat Richartz (@BeatRichartz) March 8, 2015

We're live on iTunes! Our first book is Understanding Computation by @tomstuart

— CS Book Club (@cs_bookclub) March 4, 2015

our dev team book club working through some problems from @tomstuart's Understanding Computation at lunch. Fun!

— Josh Susser (@joshsusser) February 13, 2015

Been reading @tomstuart’s Understanding Computation and loving it. Then for kicks porting some of the code to Swift:

— Adam Sharp (@sharplet) February 6, 2015

@_bauro True! Creating a 'Small Step Semantic' interpreter at the moment as described in #looksmart

— Andreas Lindeboom (@linden3) January 31, 2015

.@OReillyMedia I enjoy Understanding Computation so much it inspired me to write my first blog post in years. ~

— Kyle Pointer (@glaukommatos) January 29, 2015

@robanhk Wait wait I have a suggestion on that! If you're comfortable with Ruby, Tom Stuart's Understanding Computation is *fantastic*.

— Danielle Sucher (@DanielleSucher) January 28, 2015

Understanding Computation. Worth every penny. @OReillyMedia Mind blown. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

— Kyle Pointer (@glaukommatos) January 9, 2015

Tom Stuart's "Understanding Computation" is so awesome. These first 60 pages are some of the most fun I've had with computers. @OReillyMedia

— Kyle Pointer (@glaukommatos) January 6, 2015

only 100 pages in and "Understanding Computation" is already my one of my favorite computer books ever @tomstuart

— Lionel Barrow (@LionelBarrow) December 8, 2014

This book is helping me greatly with gaps in my non comp sci brain. Hard work for the setting though. (@tomstuart)

— Felix Navidad (@felix_cohen) December 1, 2014

I HIGHLY recommend "Understanding Computation". Super accessible, engaging, mind expanding. And 50% off right now.

— Pete Hodgson (@ph1) November 30, 2014

@tomstuart @joshsusser @computationbook - this book is Fantastic! #bargainatfullprice

— brian ball (@brianball) October 9, 2014

Just finished Understanding Computation by Tom Stuart: a decent gateway book into DFAs, NFAs, Turing Machines and computation theory.

— Michael Peterson (@quux00) October 5, 2014

If you haven’t read “SICP,” dont feel guilty. Instead, read by @tomstuart. Quick. Easy. And very good.

— Reginald Braithwaite (@raganwald) September 30, 2014

Real talk, though, @tomstuart's 'understanding computation' is the good kind of hard to grok. And v worthwhile.

— Felix Navidad (@felix_cohen) September 9, 2014

I started reading @tomstuart's Understanding Computation ( last night and it's already been useful at work today.

— David Singleton (@dsingleton) August 27, 2014

.@mamund @lukestokes can't recommend by @tomstuart highly enough. NFA, DFA, PDA, Turing and more

— Dave Nolan (@davenolan) August 22, 2014

The Missing Link: Understanding Computation by Tom Stuart

— Planet Apache (@planetapache) May 8, 2014

Reminder: You haven’t read, but you should!

— Reginald Braithwaite (@raganwald) April 24, 2014

I don't lightly use the superlative "awesome", but Understanding #Computation by @tomstuart deserves it. #ruby

— Alex Muntean (@xeal) April 13, 2014

Rewrote some ideas from Understanding Computation but with #haskell Hope I didn't muck it up too bad /cc @tomstuart

— pat brisbin (@patbrisbin) April 7, 2014

The best programming/CS book I read in a while: Understanding Computation by @tomstuart. Totally recommended!

— Tobias Adam (@tow8ie) April 2, 2014

Starting @tomstuart's Understanding Computation for @mwhagedorn's @hpcloud book club

— Jeff Kramer (@jeffk) March 26, 2014

.@tomstuart's chapter on Lambda Calculus in Understanding Computation is 1 of the most enlightening & mind blowing things I've ever read.

— Ryan Levick (@itchyankles) March 24, 2014

Undestanding Computation. Looks awesome.

— Raheel (@raheel) March 18, 2014

@spetryjohnson Best book I read last year. @MarkKGreenway @mgroves @ShawnWallace @Hamman359

— Craig Stuntz (@craigstuntz) February 5, 2014

@tomstuart Loved 'Understanding Computation' – thanks for writing it! I feel quite a bit smarter now :)

— Erik Svedäng (@e_svedang) January 15, 2014

Absolutely the best book I've read in 2013. "Understanding Computation" Half price today. @tomstuart @computationbook

— Jim Nanney (@jnanney) December 31, 2013

@silentbicycle @cczona @telemachus I love that series. I also got a lot out of a recent book, Understanding Computation.

— Danielle Sucher (@DanielleSucher) December 25, 2013

I treated myself to @tomstuart's "Understanding Computation" today. It's definitely a code-along book. So I am! :D

— Sam Livingston-Gray (@geeksam) December 18, 2013

I have just finished reading by @tomstuart, if you like GEB and you’ve ever written code, you will dig this

— 48k Robot (@pikesley) December 9, 2013

Finally finished @tomstuart 's "Understanding Computation". Super fun and with the best final paragraph.

— d. j. graham (@deejaygraham) December 1, 2013

I wish I had Understanding Computation in university. Excellent book.

— Anth (@anthto) November 19, 2013

Very excited to have finally got my hands on Understanding Computation by @tomstuart

— Paul Wright (@wrighty) November 16, 2013

I've been forced to start learning Ruby by this book.

— Jackson Harper (@jacksonh) November 4, 2013

working through @tomstuart’s Understanding Computation with IRB open is helping a lot. Programming with Nothing hurt my head before

— Matt Patterson (@fidothe) October 29, 2013

Love @computationbook so far, kudos to @tomstuart.

— Igor Wiedler (@igorwesome) October 8, 2013

So, dann widme ich mich mal weiter dem großartigen „Understanding Computation“ von Tom Stuart. Große Empfehlung!

— Stefan Daschek (@noniq) October 5, 2013

"Understanding Computation" by @tomstuart is a very fun book to read.

— Victor Savkin (@victorsavkin) September 29, 2013

I HAVE to read this book. I want to take a week off just to read this book.

— Nate West (@drumsrgr8forn8) September 26, 2013

"Understanding Computation" - Some Computer Science concepts explained clearly — even I get it ;)

— Robert Curth (@zircde) September 14, 2013

@tomstuart I just finished Understanding Computation. Thank you. I found it a magnificent read, a new favorite.

— Dan Dorman (@dandorman) September 16, 2013

I love the functional style @tomstuart uses in his examples in Understanding Computation, which by the way is an absolutely brilliant book.

— Lennart Fridén (@DevLCSC) September 10, 2013

"Understanding Computation" by Tom Stuart is absolutely awesome! I wish I had Turing Machine explained to me this way in college

— Irina Bednova (@jafrog) August 29, 2013

Understanding Computation by @tomstuart is blowing my mind. Right now reading about implementing regular expressions with NFAs! <3

— Josep M. Bach (@txustice) August 26, 2013

"Understanding Computation" is a wonderful book. Everyone interested in CS and programming languages will have a nice time reading it.

— Norbert Schneider (@bertschneider) August 24, 2013

"Understanding Computation" just keeps on being awesome. We're in lambda calculus and Church encoding now and it's *fun*!

— Stephen Ball (@StephenBallNC) August 21, 2013

126 pages into Understanding Computation and this book is perfect. It's an ideal CS-for-art-majors book. /@tomstuart

— Jack Danger (@jackdanger) August 19, 2013

On holiday. Now have at least some time for @computationbook. Loving Chapter 8 - Impossible Programs. Really *human* explanation.

— Russell Garner (@rgarner) August 18, 2013

Pages 188-189 in the book 'Understanding Computation'. Good times...

— Andrew Stewart (@andrewinfosec) August 17, 2013

If any of you are reading Understanding Computation for the Rogues book club in 2 weeks, my liner notes may help you:

— David Brady (@dbrady) August 13, 2013

Finally finished @tomstuart's @computationbook. Thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the 2nd half. Lots of ideas to work through now!

— James Adam (@lazyatom) August 4, 2013

Chapters 6 and 7 of the @computationbook by @tomstuart are just plain awesome!!! \o/ #Turing #Conway #Wolfram

— Antonio Ognio (@gnrfan) August 2, 2013

Regarding that last RT, I highly recommend @tomstuart's book Understanding Computation for all devs, not just Ruby devs.

— Joel Clermont (@jclermont) August 2, 2013

Yoink! +@tomstuart

— David Thompson (@fatbusinessman) August 2, 2013

All NFAs are DFAs and DFAs can be minimized. Boom! I. **Love.** This. Book. @rubyrogues #understandingcomputation

— James Edward Gray II (@JEG2) July 31, 2013

And now I shuffle off to bed after reading about DFA’s and NFA’s in Understanding Computation. My dreams will rock tonight! :)

— James Edward Gray II (@JEG2) July 30, 2013

Understanding Computation was building it’s own programming language in chapter 2, page 23. The dial is all the way to 11 over here!

— James Edward Gray II (@JEG2) July 30, 2013

At first, a book on computation written in Ruby seems like a pretty bizarre choice. But then I recall how @tomstuart hooked me through Ruby.

— Jonathan Sterling (@jonsterling) July 22, 2013

Finally received my print of @tomstuart's "Understanding Computation." My next tweet will be along the lines of, "You should all read this."

— Levent Ali (@lebreeze) July 22, 2013

Just implementing regexes using automata. "Understanding Computation" is awesome.

— Stephen Ball (@StephenBallNC) July 21, 2013

@meraxes It's my favorite Ruby/CS book of the year. I skipped college, so any accessible CS is novel and exciting for me.

— brian wisti (@brianwisti) July 18, 2013

I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned in this Ruby book to my Perl code.

— brian wisti (@brianwisti) July 18, 2013

@computationbook is a new addition to my list of all-time favorite programming books.

— sameer borate (@codediesel) July 17, 2013

"Understanding Computation" by @tomstuart feels like "Higher Order Perl" by @mjdominus: a language-specific reminder that code is awesome.

— brian wisti (@brianwisti) July 17, 2013

The problem I have with @tomstuart's book, Understanding Computation, is that it's too damn good.

— Tom Ward (@tomafro) July 15, 2013

Enjoying my commute with chapter 4 of the @computationbook

— Stefan Ritter (@S__Ritter) July 15, 2013

Status: Reading Understanding Computation by Tom Stuart.

— Charl Matthee (@charlmatthee) July 13, 2013

Computer Science Degree, "The Good Parts:"

— Reg Braithwaite (@raganwald) July 11, 2013

Uh oh.

— James Darling (@abscond) July 11, 2013

First chapter of 'Understanding Computation' by @tomstuart done and well easy. The rest will be this simple, right?

— James Darling (@abscond) July 11, 2013

Passenger on MAD✈FRA saw me reading @tomstuart's "Understanding Computation." His comment? "I figured you were either new or an expert."

— Reg Braithwaite (@raganwald) July 7, 2013

Loving the new book Understanding Computation

— JonMagic (@jonmagic) July 6, 2013

this is odd… is it… @computationbook right into my #bookshelf?

— Ricardo Mendes (@locks) July 5, 2013

Reading @computationbook, love it but not easy :-)

— Emanuele DelBono (@emadb) July 5, 2013

"Understanding Computation" arrived.

— Klaus Hartl (@carhartl) July 2, 2013

Devblog: Study Notes: Understanding Computation

— Avdi Grimm (@avdi) June 30, 2013

Reading @computationbook, in the sunshine, listening to the new James Holden record. Nice work, Sunday.

— Jamie White (@jgwhite) June 30, 2013

Settling down for the rest of the evening with my copy of *Understanding Computation*:

— C J Silverio (@ceejbot) June 25, 2013

Implementing Lambda calculus in Ruby?! What are you waiting for?

— Andrew Newman (@andrewfnewman) June 25, 2013

Starting the "Programming with Nothing" chapter of Understanding Computation, based on one of my favorite posts ever

— Bryan Woods (@bryanwoods) June 24, 2013

Loving how code-heavy Understanding Computation is, even if it is ruby. You should definitely check it out.

— Chris Lewis (@chrslws) June 21, 2013

Some days ago @tomstuart’s “Understanding Computation” book arrived. I started it right away. Wonderful so far #empollones

— Sergio (@porras) June 15, 2013

@carinmeier whole heartedly agree! that book is top of my list of favorites this year.

— Chris Bilson (@cbilson) June 14, 2013

Just finished "Understanding Computation" / 5 stars

— Carin Meier (@carinmeier) June 14, 2013

I'm liking the Understanding Computation book. Teaching formal semantics and parsing using Ruby is slightly ironic but of course still clear

— Brian McKenna (@puffnfresh) June 13, 2013

@mrb_bk @bryanwoods orly?…

— Robert Pitts (@rbxbx) June 11, 2013

Won @tomstuart's "Understanding Computation" in @goruco raffle. Kind of addicted; working through it during test runs, etc.

— Bryan Woods (@bryanwoods) June 11, 2013

Just finished @tomstuart's @computationbook and very fine it is too. What should I read next on type systems?

— Dave Nolan (@davenolan) June 11, 2013

Seriously enjoying Understanding Computation from @oreillymedia Great read for us devs without a formal CompSci

— dafstone (@dafstone) June 9, 2013

Some hilarious pages in @computationbook…

— Tim Freeman (@peakscale) June 6, 2013

The ePub of @computationbook is well done: nice display of footnotes, good code rendering with syntax highlighting, retina-ready graphics.

— Sebastian Röder (@sebroeder) June 4, 2013

I’m a few chapters into @computationbook and really enjoying it so far. I recommend it, especially for Rubyists with no CompSci background.

— Drew Neil (@nelstrom) June 3, 2013

@tomstuart Just started reading Understanding Computation. I haven’t been this excited about a book in a long time!

— Larry Marburger (@lmarburger) June 3, 2013

Reading a random page to get a feel for Understanding Computation (congrats @tomstuart!)…

— John Pignata (@jpignata) June 2, 2013

Finally arrived…

— ntlk (@ntlk) June 2, 2013


— James Adam (@lazyatom) June 1, 2013

I'm really enjoying "Understanding Computation" by @tomstuart. We're building a programming language and it's awesome!

— Stephen Ball (@StephenBallNC) May 31, 2013… is officially one of my favorite tech books.

— Carin Meier (@carinmeier) May 31, 2013

Time well spent in between parent taxi duties.

— Carin Meier (@carinmeier) May 30, 2013

I started to read 'Understanding Computation' book. Operational semantics with small-steps implemented in Ruby is a great way to understand

— Riccardo Tacconi (@rtacconi) May 30, 2013

@tomstuart having a lot of fun with Understanding Computation. Thanks a lot!

— Thom Stuart (@mortice) May 28, 2013

Started… last night. Already fantastic.

— Drew Olson (@drewolson) May 24, 2013

@tomstuart Again, thanks for writing this book. It's ending what is actually years of frustration about not understanding these topics.

— tehgeekmeister (@tehgeekmeister) May 24, 2013

can't recommend @tomstuart's "understanding computation" enough. if you wanna learn about basic language design/computation, check it out.

— tehgeekmeister (@tehgeekmeister) May 24, 2013